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The weekend residency. 

24/2 is a 48 hour experimental exercise that any and every artist can participate in. A weekend residency of sorts – 24/2 is the simpler, extra-accessible, commitment-phobe little sister of OLAW's ALT- Residency Project. 

With just a 48-hour commitment (one weekend!) to 24/2, artists are held accountable to dedicate a substantial, yet very obtainable, amount of uninterrupted time to their work, get in the flow of their practice, and share their accomplishments and newfound understandings. Doing so is especially important for those that find their creative practice getting tossed aside to other priorities or who want to develop better habits of using their very limited free time to create a work/art/life balance.


So what can you do with 48 hours?

You can fit a surprising amount of growth and experience into 2 days. The possibilities are endless. 24/2 does not require a project's completion, although it may feel super satisfying to finish something!

Some potential projects include:

  • photographing your late grandpa's family farm

  • creating a zine about your town's city council

  • shooting and editing an entire short film

  • developing a web-based residency program

  • cutting out pictures of your ex-boyfriend and hoping it empathizes with all of humanity

  • composing music to the lyrics you've had in your notebook for the last three months

  • making an online residency program

  • writing about your art rut

Your goals can be as elaborate or simple and as focused or exploratory as you desire. Once completed, participants will be required to submit creative digital content related to their residency (photographs, literary materials, audio, video, etc) to be shared in their artist blog post. 



  • Participating in 24/2 requires the artist to focus on their practice and designated goals for a continuous 48 hour period (sleep included) – like a mini residency.

  • To participate in 24/2, an artist must simply fill out the submission form with their contact info and a brief description of their intentions (what you're doing and why).

  • All artists – of all media and career levels that demonstrate a clear understanding of their goals – will be accepted.

  • 24/2 is not fixed in space. The project takes place wherever the artist chooses.

  • 24/2 will follow up with each artist to ensure that they are committed to their 48 hour stretch.

  • The 48 hour program is entirely self-driven and honor-system based.

  • Once accepted, participants will need to supply a brief bio (3rd person), image of themself, and examples of previous work.

  • Once the 48 hours is completed, participants will submit creative content related to their participation through a digital format (photo essay, blog post, audio file, video, etc.) by email to 24/2 in addition to a project summary answering some questions about their experience.

  • Select artists' materials will be featured in the 24/2 Blog, the OVERLAND ARTWORKS social media outlets, or newsletter.