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Megan’s work is heavily influenced by her love of science fiction, the natural world, and outerspace as the final frontier. She blends natural materials with artificial ones to recreate and incorporate the organic world into her work. Megan primarily utilizes self-fabricated multiple-multiples and this practice allowing her to create visual landscapes that intrigue and captivate the viewer. This allows for further exploration into a piece, revealing the emergence of new forms that can be viewed at a distance or up close and personal.

The work that she has been developing over the last 5 years has evolved from these passions and created for Valance Inc., a seemingly fictional corporation.

“In a traditional society, design is too often sacrificed for the sake of function and is subsequently considered a luxury. Design and function can be one in the same and can influence our perspective on how we construct our homes and the way we integrate the style of our clothing. The concept and philosophy behind Valance Inc. is to incorporate the design of both the natural environment with that of everyday human elements. This methodology evokes a more appropriate treatment of the earth and humankind alike.” Megan Tamas grew up in a tiny town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. She did her undergraduate at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. She received her MFA at the RhodeIsland School of Design in Sculpture.







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Megan desired a large tabletop work space to complement her new studio. A table to spread out and catch all of her “idea-clutter for current projects and projects that might never come to fruition.” With the design help of her artist/fabricator brother Nick Tamas, she spent her 48-hour period working to make this idea come to fruition.


Megan’s finished studio desk. 

Grace Clark