ALT- is an experimental, collaborative, conceptual residency project.

As an alternative artist residency, ALT- is interested in simplifying the typical residency model by solely providing psychological components (accessibility, accountability, affirmation, and attention) of a residency program rather than the physical (space & supplies).

We at ALT- aim to make creative experiences accessible despite income, age, gender, location, or a history of past "art world" experiences. The ALT- residency is a collaborative social practice project that studies the needs and desires of creative people, and encourages growth, simplicity, and inclusivity in creative experiences.

ALT- is a test to see if this type of residency is possible. And if so, where can it take us?



The ALT- Residency is transient, fluid, and flexible. It is not fixed in space and does not provide housing or a studio. The program goes wherever the artist takes it.

Be it in the backcountry of a national park or the parents' basement, as long as work is being made and/or contemplated and the resident is growing within their practice, ALT- believes in the resident's right to choose where they work best and what resources fit within their means. By providing a residency that's fluid in its location, those that have very specific or limited amounts of time, could not afford to travel to a residency far from home, or want to customize their residency to their specific needs have a more accessible option. Residents are required to establish the time and space in which they will participate in the residency. While flexible, this also perpetuates a positive habit of self-motivation for future endeavors.

In addition to creating A physically flexible model, ALT- wants to create a program that is especially accepting of emerging participants.

ALT- does not require prior residency experience. We believe that residencies should not be reserved for mid-career artists. If one is self-motivated, has clear goals, and is willing to work and challenge themselves, they should be given an opportunity to build their resume despite what any prior resume lines may or may not boast. 

The ALT- residency is not reserved only for visual artists.

We encourage any creative people that seek time to attentively explore and focus on their practice – whether that may be writing, composing, hiking, building, researching, etc. – to apply for the program. 



The alt- Residency requires a resident to submit a plan for how they will spend their time, and stick to it – while being flexible and open to parallel changes or discoveries.

One of the hardest parts of many artists' practices is to keep motivated without deadlines or instruction – someone or something keeping them in line, on time and working towards their goals. At ALT-, the goal does not necessarily have to be production focused. We want the residency to be an opportunity for research, contemplation, or creation – whatever may be necessary for the resident at this point in their practice – however this must be clear in their plan. We encourage residents to develop a community component to their project, although not necessary for admission. 

However flexible, it is required that an ALT- resident not participate in full time school classes or employment during the duration of the program. It is necessary for the resident to allot themselves a dedicated amount of time to focus on their practice. Part-time work may be negotiable for residencies longer than 1 week in duration.



We at the ALT- Residency are looking for Creatives that are clear in their intent, have promising work with strong potential for growth and development, and seem to be at a stage in which their work is worth sacrificing the time and energy that a residency requires.

Anyone interested in an ALT- residency must submit an online application including a single page statement of purpose, work examples, a resume, and example list (more info here). With this information, the team at ALT- will judge the applicant’s readiness. Once accepted, a resident should understand that we at ALT- believe in their direction. With the support that leads to a good confidence boost, we hope ALT- artists find a space experiment, grow, and learn from successes and failures. 



Once a residency is completed, each resident must share their experience through a digitally formatted presentation; such as  brief literary, photojournalistic, video, or audio material.

Each resident will be given a profile on the OLAW webpage. This is considered a blank canvas to share their work in whatever way fits their creative desires (and the Squarespace formatting options). This will be shared through the ALT- website, social media pages, affiliated organizations, and newsletter – promoting and providing the artists with attention while establishing a larger creative community.