OLAW is committed to creating social practice projects dedicated to experimental approaches of art world conventions in order to study the possibilities and accessibilities of a creative lifestyle. 



ALT- Residency

ALT- is a full-length experimental, collaborative, conceptual residency project. As an alternative to traditional artist residencies, ALT- is interested in simplifying the traditional residency model and studying accessibility of creative experiences by solely providing mental components (accessibility, accountability, affirmation, and attention) of a residency program rather than the physical (space & supplies).


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24/2 is a 48 hour experimental exercise that any and every artist can participate in. A weekend residency of sorts – 24/2 is the simpler, extra-accessible, commitment-phobe little sister of OLAW's ALT- Residency Project

With just a 48-hour commitment (one weekend!) to 24/2, artists are held accountable to dedicate a substantial, yet very obtainable, amount of uninterrupted time to their work, get in the flow of their practice, and share their accomplishments and newfound understandings.




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