Please email completed Checklist components to with applicant’s name(s) and “ALT- Residency” as subject.

If applying as a partnership or group, please submit one application with all participants names listed. 


Now accepting applications on a rolling basis!

Please contact with any questions about application requirements!


APPlication Checklist

email following materials to


Info Page (1 page max)

Please include:

  • Name(s) & Preferred Pronouns*

  • Email Address*

  • Phone Number*

  • Website

  • Medium/ Area of Study*

    • Applicants do not need to be visual artists to apply for the ALT- Residency. Ex. Photography, Zines, Music Composition, Sculpture, Culinary Arts, Mixed Media, Petrology, etc.

  • Duration of Residency*

    • 1 week minimum, 12 week maximum

  • Preferred dates for project period (must be at least one week after application submission)

  • Location of Residency*

    • Ex. Airbnb, cabin in Green Mountains, personal living room, friend’s woodshop, camper at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, etc. Please be as specific as possible.

Submit as PDF formatted LastName_Info.pdf*



Letter of intent (1 Page max)

Please include header with name, email, & phone number that matches info sheet, give a brief bio in 3rd person, and answer the questions below:

  • What do you hope to accomplish through this experience?

  • Why have you applied to this specific OLAW Artist-in-Residence Program?

  • What type of digital media would you like to share to summarize your experience (this can change)?

Submit as PDF formatted LastName_Letter.pdf 


PUBLIC PROGRAMMING CONCEPT - if applicable (1 page max)

Public programming/community outreach is not required of an OLAW resident, but bonus points, healthy experiences, and greater opportunities for media coverage are given to those who develop and implement programming that connects with the community in which your residency takes place. Please describe your plan, desired audience, and how you plan to reach that audience.

  • Examples include: artist talk, workshop, exhibition, etc.

Submit as PDF formatted LastName_PPConcept.pdf


RESUME (2 pages max) 

Examples include previous employment, exhibition record, list of performances, publications, etc.

  • Include experiences relevant to your ALT- proposal

  • Submit as PDF formatted LastName_Resume.pdf


8 Work Examples

  • JPEG images, PDF’s of written material or web links, or audio or video files of recent work.

  • All jpg or pdf files should be under 1 MB each and video/audio should not total more than 8 minutes

  • Please reach out with any questions about example requirements. We will work with the format of your practice as much as possible.

Label images with the applicant’s last name followed by an underscore and number of file ex: LastName_1.jpg


A numbered list that corresponds to each of the submitted images and/or files. For each image (if applicable), include the title, date, medium, dimensions, and if necessary a two sentence description of the work. 

Submit as PDF formatted LastName_ExampleScript.pdf


ALT- is now accepting applications on a rolling basis

Artists must submit all the required materials to have their application considered.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within one week of its submission.