• Any creative individuals/groups at any stage in their practice or career may apply.

  • Applicants do not have to be visual or performing artists.



  • As an alternative artist residency, ALT- is interested in simplifying the typical residency model by solely providing mental components (accessibility, accountability, affirmation, and attention) of a residency program rather than the physical (space & supplies).

  • The ALT- Residency is not fixed in space. Artists are allowed the opportunity to customize the location of their residency experience in order to fit the needs of their budget or site-specific practice.

  • Residencies are a minimum of one week and maximum of 12 weeks.

  • To maintain a level of commitment and respect towards the program, a resident may not participate in full time work or school during the residency period. Part time work may be negotiable during an extended residency period.

  • Artists must provide their own lodging and/or studio space, cost of materials, and food. Stipends will be provided if/when they are available.

  • Applicants must submit a statement of intent with which they will base their residency experience upon.

  • ALT- is a process focused residency that encourages experimentation, research, discovery, and growth as an individual. It is not required to finish a project while participating in an ALT- Residency.

  • ALT- will work with each individual artist to customize their residency, aligning resources and connections to make their time as fruitful as possible.

  • Once accepted, participants will need to supply a brief bio and image of themselves.

  • Once a residency period is completed, each resident is required to submit digital content that is representative of their experience in whatever way fits them creatively. This could take shape as photographs, written narrative, video, listed items, audio, etc.

  • Each resident receives a web profile that is considered a blank canvas - an opportunity to get creative in the sharing of their work or experience.


Now accepting Applications on a rolling basis

Please contact with any questions or concerns.