OVERLAND ARTWORKS (OLAW) is an investigative space created by artist Grace Clark, that is committed to the creation of projects focused on the accessibility of art making and creative experiences, the development of collaborative communities, and the investment of quality time, energy, and intention in the human experience. OLAW experiments with alternate methods of addressing art world conventions to study the possibilities of how to live and work within a creative lifestyle. 



OLAW is interested in helping people get at the root of what they need and desire – both within the human experience and a creative lifestyle – and develop problem-solving systems to work with what you've got to satisfy those needs. We want to test the art world conventions that are so often exclusive and a bit elitist by developing credible creative experiences for broader audiences in simple, easily applicable ways. 


Current OLAW projects and Collaborations include: 

ALT-: An experimental, conceptual residency project

24/2: The weekend residency

BIG WATER RESIDENCY: A Trampled By Turtles Collaboration

ART IS HARD: Coming soon